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exotic species room

Jan 1, 2008
I just wanted to share with all of you, pics of my exotic species room at my facility this room is 36' by 15' and will be totally dedicated to cephs so oddball exotic species, shrimp breeding, crab breeding and all the little micro goodies, it is also going to house my dwarf sea horse breeding program too. my sting ray breeders as well.









like to breed myself but either way is fine to start, as for the tanks they are 18 gallons each and they are on a system. a recerculating system, the other section is going to have a few 70 gallons and a few 28 gallons, total is 3400 gallons in this room as planned before the resorvior tanks.

Looks good Mark!

Still no supplier lined up?

I can get Sepia Bandensis eggs usually,if you need them.It's the other species that are hard to track down.
I would be interested to know when and if you find other species available here or for export to Canada.
Will you try to breed cuttlefish as well as octos? Do you have a staff that will be maintaining these systems or is it just you and your family? It will be difficult and very time consuming to maintain all of those ceph babies.
I have 7 staff members, and yes I want to get into as many of the species as possible, if any of you can sell me eggs, or specimens let me know I AM interested.

As stated.I can get S.Bandensis eggs without much trouble.I have a dozen week-olds and another half dozen eggs hatching as i type.If you are interested in any of these I may be willing to trade a few of them for other cuttles or an octopus.
well any of you interested in selling email me at [email protected] and give me pricing and I will buy, as far as trading until I get stock can't trade much, lol but am searching for you.

my system will be ready to go feb 1st as i am pulling an extra system filter from one of my other marine rooms so the system will be estabnlished 60% and more right away. so i can stock right away too.

do your self a favour and don't buy sea horses from EBAY, lol unless you know the supplier, i will have some available mid June I hope, lol have young now so should be a for sure thing. had some delays with the new fish room so hopefully soon it will be done.


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