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Even More Reclusive Bimac


Dec 6, 2002
It has been well over a week since I last saw my octo. I have had it for over 3 weeks, now but have never seen him eat anything. I know he is still alive because the wall of shells he has covering his lair is rearranged daily, but he has not been seen for awhile. I have even checked when the lights are off, but even then I haven't been able to see if he actually comes out. There are several hermit crabs for him to eat and I even went so far as to purchase an emerald crab as a rather expensive treat, but it has been alive and well for almost a week. The last time I saw him it was after I pulled his wall shells out of his den to force him out, but I don't think this is helping him get adjusted to his surroundings. I think it is not going to make it, but I hope it proves me wrong. The water quality is excellent, as I mentioned in my last post. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Dools :cry:
hi dools

well its just one of those things! The little buggers dont always play along, but i suppose if we all wanted something we could see all day we'd all be keeping goldfish LOL

Anyway, if the food is dissapearing that you put in then not to worry, perhaps it is eating amphipods and other things it is finding in the tank too?

Perhaps we could try sticking cardboard around three of the panels od glas sin his tank? maybe he feels insecure, perhaps add some lengths of 3/4" plastic pipe? maybe just light the tank with the rooms ambient light for a while... as long as the water quailty is within accepted parameters it should come round eventually.

Can you mention again what species it is? Any pics available?


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