Eureka Update


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
It's been a month since we picked up Eureka. I'm starting to wonder if I may have a dwarf species. Eureka continues to be very secretive. Last time I saw him out was about 5 days ago. He has so many shells surrounding his den, I'm starting to wonder if he's a she and preparing for eggs. Guess time will tell.

Glad to hear Eureka is doing well, even if he's not what you expected.

Did you ever move him to a new tank? (or did I miss that thread?)

Wasn't Eureka supposed to be a vulgaris? One more example of how you can't trust your LFS for telling you what species your octo is!

Ya, if it isn't a Dwarf than the Lancaster LFS shop can't be relied on 100%. Supposadely they did have a true Vulgaris according to size when I got updated because I was also on the waiting list, but didn't buy it. The women told me it was Vulgaris listed and had about 8 inches of arm length.
Ya know....they don't really know what they are selling at all. I have had many different species labled "common brown octopus" and I guess being they are coming from tropical waters they assume Vulgaris. And no I did not change my tank yet, as being it probably has had a drip for longer than I realized and due to uncooperative sons with their truck, haven't been able to get the new tank yet. Another trip to Lancastor maybe in order soon as I still have another salt tank empty... We collected food after the hurricane on the oceanfront and the tide pools were filled with all kinds of crabs, snails, clams and the seabirds were feasting on them as the water washed in and around the sandbanks! Was pretty amazing! Will have to post some pics! We have a whole stock of food now in the 15 gal feeder tank in the kitchen but alas...I'm not sure if Eureka is eating or not. I have been putting crabs in every few days and I think he's eating them but talk about a secretive octopus. Total opposite personality of the Bimacs.
And it looks like I have a dwarf, as I just saw the crab crawling by I put in yesterday and the den looks like Ft. Knox with the pile of shells Eureka has collected. Classic denning behavior of pending motherhood. Keep hoping I'm wrong but with the skittishness and I really have not seen any growth at all so I'm thinking an adult.. Oh well...will have to start searching again!
Yeah, I like the ocean shore pictures after the hurricane. I was in Wildwood at the time...Wildwood crest to be more exact and went there for vacation on the last week of August going into September. A lot of money was wasted though cuz we rented a shore hotel which was really nice, but it rained the whole time and just had a slowly moving storm with 60 degree weather. We still went to Cape May though and saw lots of sea shells, rocks, pebbles and the light house. Before going home I just collected a lot of washed ashore jellyfish out of boredom and see if they would all turn to water which they did because their 90+ % water.

Anyways, if your octopus is Dwarf and an adult, its really dissapointing cuz you've only had it for a month, but at least you have cycled tanks and if this one dies you can look for another one worth having longer. Mabye the next time you get one, be sure to check out Toms Carribean first cuz so far, he seems like the one of the most relied on at this point with species knowledge. Saltwaterfish and Marine Depot Live seem alright so far as well, but their in Cali.

During the end of this year im hoping to buy a 75 or 100 gallon tank, mabye even a bit larger and have it start cycling during the 2nd to last month of the school year so once summer begins, it'll be almost finished cycling and i'll have the time to start looking again. My dream octopus will always be to keep a Vulgaris one day.

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