Ernst Haeckel and Rudolf Blaschka

Sep 16, 2005
I was wondering how many ceph fans are familiar with the works of Ernst Haeckel and Rudolf Blaschka?

Haeckel was a biologist and artist. Some plates from his book are for sale on ebay right now, I am sorely tempted, if I didn't have those three little cuttlefish mouths to feed...

Rudolf Blaschka was an amazing glass artist. Some of his work is on display at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh right now in a temporary exhibit. I cannot describe the beauty and intricacy of these glass models. It is thought that he based his creations on Ernst Haeckel's work. He has created some glass cephalopods but his microscopic works are the most amazing...


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Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka were a father and son team, the glass they used was a kind of soda glass and they didn't anneal any of their work, as it was so fine. they're truly the pinnacle of realist glass work. most of the colours are painted on with oil paints and need to be restored periodically, although a lot of their originals still show very vibrant colours. the harvard botanical commissioned them to do botanical work and are still in posession of a large body of their works. shipping this work from germany to america in those days must have been a nightmare!
they're legends amongst glassblowers!
Too bad they didn't pass on their magnificent talent and technique to anyone. In my next career, or maybe when I retire, whichever comes first, I hope to learn how to blow glass.
I've seen the flowers on display at Harvard - it's amazing that work like this can be done in glass.

I'm a big fan of all three of these amazing artists/craftsmen. Really, particularly the glass work, this was a true pinnacle of the craft.