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English Octopus.....

Jul 24, 2003
Ok I wasnt sure where to post this, but here goes....

I was on ultimate reef an a fello scouser posted me a reply sayin I might be intrested that the Liverpool museum often get octo's in from sellafield (probably glow in the dark too!!! - its a nuclear plant somwhere where I havnt foggiest for those who dont know)

anyway they come from the Irish Sea an get stuck in their pipes quite often apparently, so might be a good source, I shall endevour to make contact.

But I was wonderin what they might be and if anyone has much info on the species we get round here? (as in uk)

p.s. this is bread an butter :bonk: , but i am a bit daft at times....would these be nocturnal? (havnt the foggiest what the opposite to nocturnal as i have read people mentioning diurnal and some other words i cant rememeber!! im useless!!! :lol:
It can only be Eledone chriossa, often called the thicko of the ceph world. It seems to be uncooperative with ceph ID tests LOL

it has to be kept below 15deg C or it will die so you will need a chiller. However, they do get a reasonable size, look cool and can be kept socially.

The only other species we get is vulgaris. But that's South coast of England stuff.

yep nocturnal...

the other word you are looking for is crepuscular which is inbetween diurnal and nocturnal :smile:
nice one Colin,

since writin that thou I was put straight on the fact that they would be lower temps etc an im really settin up for a tropical species so might not be a good idea.

Not gunna beat a bimac is it!!?!? or some other kind....

Thing is This is all a bit premature, as I need the tank set up............

I have re-ground myself!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin2:

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