Egor passed....


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Unfortunately this morning even though I was expecting it, found Egor had passed away over the night. When I lifted her cave, it looks like the rest of the babies also died within their eggs. I lost all the little ones I had in separate containers. Will do a water test today after work, but I have a feeling, being it's such an old seasoned tank, the nitrates contributed to the little ones deaths. Puzzling though how they could develope to hatching and then be affected by this, if it was indeed the cause. I'm sad! My last octo for awhile.
We've run into the same thing the last two times with the dies, then the bulk of the babies kick off. Is it possible she leaches some sort of a toxin upon death? Odd that the seperate ones didn't make it...but were they in the same tank, just put in containers? Hmmm.
Well, that is really a bummer, and I sure am sorry. Hopefully, a remedy for this situation will pop up soon.

I'm soooo sorry to hear of Egor's passing. I really enjoyed getting to know her through the various posts and pictures. Don't give up, maybe you can be a mom to another bouncing baby octo... :octopus:
Sorry to hear about Egor and the babies - RIP :angelpus:

We knew that Egor didn't have long, but we all were hoping that the hatchlings would live. Raising hatchlings isn't easy and there are so many unknowns. :sad:


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