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Blue Ring
Aug 13, 2004
How big must a cuttlefish be before it lays eggs??? I heard that cuttlefish only lay eggs in the winter! Is that true???

Look forward to your reply :smile:
depends on the species.... bandensis may lay eggs at 3 inches and officinalis at 18". so thats not much help :smile:

Also whats winter for you may not be for other people on this board so what months??? :smile:

Here in the UK officinalis lay eggs in spring through summer
Sepia officinalis seem to lay eggs when they are smaller than when they are in the wild, not sure why... higher concentration of hormones maybe?? Anyway, they will be around 18 months old when they start to lay I think if you use a steady temp and keep them in doors however they can be much larger in the wild.

Females die after they lay eggs as well I think, and some ( s. pharonisis????) seem to guard the eggs when laid!

It will be because they have a better supply of food in captivity and over all conditions are better so they mature faster... mine came into breeding condition and mated after about 9 months a 8 - 10"
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