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eating his arms

Dec 16, 2005
Many times octopuses in senescence will become autophagous. That means that they will eat their arms. It is usually a sign that your octopus is very close to the end of it's life. Sometimes octopuses will develop this disease before senescence, and in that case it is a serious problem. However, I doubt that your octopus has the disease; he is most likely near the end of his life.


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
It doesn't sound like the disease, if he had that he would have bitten the arms off at the base, right where they join the body. This sounds like old age....unless you have something else in the tank which may be harassing your octopus?

Sep 8, 2006
What kind of crabs were you feeding him? Can you be sure that the crabs didn't remove its arms?

A dime sized briareus surely wouldn't be senescent. Are you absolutely 100% positive it's a briareus?