Dwarfs in Hawaii?

O I think I know what ur talkin about! Those are awesome! I read in a book that they are so small they sometimes live in old matis shrimp burrows! Cool.... And I think I know where on my island I might catch one. :biggrin2:
They're not actual octos, they're seploids and are more closely related to cuttles. They're nocturnal and they spend their day buried in the sand so find one is pretty tough.

You could try mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni or even a vampyroteuthis :vampyro: :heee: Seriously, I don't think there are dwarfs there (according to ceph base).
Well, if you're using cephbase (what I use), they don't know its biogeography. Seriously! Look at their O.mercatoris entry- it doesn't say anything about biogeography OR country list.
Octomush....."You lucky lucky bast***, what i'd do to be spat at in the face like that!!!!!"

Sorry havin a 'Life of Brian Moment' :lol:

gotta say how cool a postion you are in to go divin an pick em out.

Im intrested thou mate, how do you do your water changes, do you just wander down the beach with a bucket or what?!?!?! :bugout: :biggrin2:

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