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Duct tape?


Jun 4, 2003
I'm new to this forum but have been reading it voraciously for all the great info. We're getting an octo and want to escape proof the tank? As i've been reading through the posts i've noticed the mention of both duct tape and acrylic glue? used to adhere netting and the like. Is duct tape safe to use in the saltwater? It won't leach any chemicals? and which glue?

thanks so much..

Welcome to TONMO.com and glad you've joined us!

The duct tape is not used below the water level, but does seem to hold up reasonably well in a humid environment. You do need to check it when you do maintenance and replace it when it becomes loose.

I used plastic netting underwater but wove it in and out of my overflow holes and then tied a knot in it.

The people using glue for security are using it above the water line - at least as far as I know.

Hope that helps.

Silly Question?
How resistant to cephalopods are plastics - netting in tanks or bags used to transport blue-ring octopi half-way round the globe?
(History - A cuttlefish attacked an old toothbrush I was using in the aquarium, chewed some nylon bristles off and expired shortly afterwards.
No-one responded when I wrote this earlier, so I do not know if anyone else has had any problems!)
Boy...I've not heard of any problems with plastics, we even discussed that a while ago here, but that's an interesting tale. Old toothbrush...perhaps...could it retain some unfortunate chemical? Traces of fluoride or something? Fluorine is ridiculously reactive...but I dunno about fluoride...is there copper in toothpaste? :? Or was it ever used as a cleaning brush, in solvents or some other potential nastiness?


thanks so much for the info :)

can't wait to get him..hopefully will have pics to post soon
now back to scouring these boards for more info...
Tooth-brush story shows that cephalopods can damage plastics.
Why it expired I originally put down to bristles damaging its brain as it swallowed (as food passes close to the brain in going through the digestive tract).
The most likely poisons that could have been on the brush would have been surfactants (sodium lauryl sulphate?) or fluoride. However another cuttlefish in the aquarium was unaffected.

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