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do i need a heater?

First of all, bimacs are not available right now. We're hoping to see some wild caught and captive bred bimacs on sale sometime in the fall.

But that's fine for you, it's going to take you at least three months to set up and cycle your tank - the longer the better.

Bimacs usually don't need heaters. In fact, we suggest that you try to keep the water temperature in the low seventies, which may be difficult in summer. To do this, I have to turn the air conditioner down and use a fan on the sump (I live in Texas). The tropical octopuses like briareus usually need heaters to keep their water temperature at 78 degrees.


We have discussed this on the "octopus availability" thread. Marine depot is out of stock just like every other company that sells bimacs. There is a very useful search engine in tonmo that allows you to look at past threads, tonmo also has articles that are very useful to learn the basics. :smile:

Best of luck,

really...? but when i looked on it it didnt have a ''sold out'' sign over bimacs so im assuming they are in stock.

you should read the octopus availability thread. A lot of retailers aren't very good about updating their websites. Marine Depot hasn't had bimacs for a very long time. When they did have some in about six months ago, they were sick.

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