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do any of u no a good online store that has mantis shrimp

Peacock or clown mantis shrimps are pretty neat animals...but they do get fairly large !
Send pics when you get one!
I currently have a O. Scyllarus (Peacock) mantis shrimp and it is the best "pet" i have ever owned. It like to interact with me and my feeding stick a lot. I have it currently in a 5g acrylic hex and it is aboput 3-4". Peacocks do not get as big as many of the spearer varietys. My tank is rather thin and it worries me to see it chip away at the acrylic so a thicker tank will likely be needed eventually. If you find one, grab it.

P.S. Great site, I am learning a lot about Cephlapods and enjoying all your posts.
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