Dissertation Plan

Graeme said:
I dunno. I kind of want to work a bit, earn some money, and maybe get some of this student debt worked off. I did think about contacting Steve about possible doctorates, but I've been speaking to this guy who works for a documentary company, Natural History New Zealand or something, who said that they have a proper full-time board of biologists who research for the progs! I would love to do that, so if I was able to work for these guys and do a doctorae as part of my job, then that would be just absolutely peachy! You thinking of going further?


My geography is a bit out (had to edit .... Scotland isn't Otago)

Graeme, I checked out your 'interests', and I'm afraid to say we don't do doctorates in "walking, pubs, guitar and bass guitar, reading, drawing, music, bossing shoggoths around", so you'll have to be a little more specific.

By the way, what's a 'shoggoth'?
They're good lads, you've just got to keep at them sometimes because they can tend to just hang about chatting all day when there's a non-eudclidean shedload of work to do. They also sometimes take a bit longer than an hour for lunch too, you gotta watch for that!

The whole documentary research job would be amazing. Just think, they may drag you along with some of their filming.....see, that's what I would love.

Graeme said:
You thinking of going further?

I want to go on but it's proving trickier that I thought. Seems that schools like to hold your past descretions against you...even many years later (lets just say I had more fun partying during my first degree than actually studying)....and now that I've come back to get my marks up...they're still bringing up my first degree. It'll never end!

So, if I'm lucky enough, I want to go on and study ceph taxonomy...if not...need an assistant with the documentary research???:wink:
:biggrin2: Even better! I think we should start up a business, like a board of biologists, zoologists, botanists, etc and start our own research company!! How sweet would that be?

As scientists, our work is our life...who needs such frivolous things like food, a roof over our heads (especially in the warmth of Canada), or such comforts as light and heating.....

After all, it's all about the love of :tentacle: :histio:
Hmmm...after working with quite a few dead one's I can definitely say, they aren't warm! But then again, never tried to cuddle one....that would just be creepy!:shock:

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