Dissertation Plan

Handed it in today!! It's as good as done, I guess. If anyone wants a copy then just either PM or email me, I'm sure my addy is in my profile!
Oh, and big thanks, Phil. :biggrin2:

:grad: Well done Graeme. It's an excellent piece of work, I hope you get a good grade as you definitely deserve it.
Thanks guys! And thanks too, Phil. Feh, I wish I had time to party! I've got to do a presentation based on my dissertation on Friday. Should be fine, I should know what I need to, only problem would be trying to condense 11k words into 10 minutes!! I'll maybe just fly over some parts, like just mention Cavitation, and leave it for someone to ask about at the end (shows whether people's been listening as well!!!).

You want to have heard the presentation! The slideshow was quite "spectacular" but I was losing my voice that morning,and so couldn't manage over a croak! I was also over by about 2-3 minutes, but then I wasn't warned during the last 2 minutes, so I guess that wasn't really my fault... meh.

I'm sure it went well.... :grad:

...but what were you doing the day before that made you loose your voice? :sly:

Have you found out your results yet? Here, they make you wait after your defense/presentation to find out.....at least that's what I heard. Guess I'll find out in the next couple of weeks.
What was I doing? Probably coughing my lungs up! :sad: I can't remember now.

Dunno when we get told our marks yet, we'll probably have to wait forever to get that. To be fair, it is a lot of reading for the staff to get through!:lol:

Bathypol, you'll get through it OK. How are you writing it? I found the best way, my advisor told me this, is to take every section and type it up in separate word files, instead of having it all as one big chunk; as he said, it's like trying to eat an elephant in one go (why anyone would want to try and take a bite out a fully grown heffalump is beyond me but anyway), while the best way is to take little bites out of it, and you'll manage the whole thing better... It's called the Elephant Theory or something. You're probably doing this already, with each section in a different file, but if you're not, I can easily suggest that as a very good way of going about it! If you get stuck on one bit, start another:biggrin2:.
You'll do absolutely peachy anyway, dude, don't worry about it.

Colin said:
coughing your lungs up?

Not through smoking i hope LOL

Really looking forward to going to a pub or club now that Scotland has banned smoking in ALL public places :biggrin2:

For non Scottish members...

Me too, colin! I'm a strict non-smoker, but I don't have a problem with it myself... I do have a problem with having to breathe everyone else's smoke, however! Can't wait til this Saturday, when instead of coming home stinking of smoke, I'll be coming home stinking of BO! :mrgreen: oh joy.

Thanks for the advice :biggrin2:. Got it done....finally!

Graeme said:
Can't wait til this Saturday, when instead of coming home stinking of smoke, I'll be coming home stinking of BO! :mrgreen: oh joy.

seems like everywhere is going non-smoking...a lot of Canadian cities are going non-smoking or at least non-smoking in areas where there are minors
You got it done!? in one day!? Well done that man! Seriously though, it feels good to get it out the way. Now it's just gotta be proof-read to check for errors... I htink hte no-smoking thing's a great idea, although it's already coming under flakk and being blamed for stupid and unreasonable things! This old guy fell against the bar and bumped his head while supposedly going for a cigar out front, and died; he was in his 70s and probably pissed out his skull! And some people are blaming the smoking ban on that. he could have gotten up to go to the toilet or play on the bandit just as easily... Damn stupid arguement!


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