Dissertation Plan

Didn't mean to add more work. I just remember having to look up information on Bathypolypus and it got confusing with all the synonyms and so one. I had ITIS recommended to me, so that's what I used.

Good Luck with it:biggrin2:
cool! Is there a site? www.itis.usda.govThis is it, right? Ta very muckle!

What do you do when you come across a taxonomic status that's valid and invalid? for example, on the giant squid. There's 2 status entries. Do I just go by the valid one? The one deemed invalid here is the commonly accepted date of discovery, 1857.

the address is http://www.itis.usda.gov/servlet/SingleRpt/SingleRpt, it wouldn't work as a hyperlink, but if you go to the homepage and type in Architeuthis dux, you'll see what I mean.

Always use the valid name. It gets tricky when there are lots of synonyms, and species have been grouped together or separated out... but in the case of Architeuthis, it says that Steenstrup 1956 had the name mispelled in the literature. Plus the valid name still acknowledges Steenstrup. So that should be good.

sorry for not listing the website....totally forgot :oops: :octopus:
One thing... This is really stupid, does anyone have the diameter of the suckers od lesser flying squid, Todaropsis eblanae?? Even just diameter of one tentacle sucker and one arm sucker! I took pics and sketches ages ago but i did the worst thing posible; sacrilege- forgot to take measurements!! I suppose I need a good clip across the ear for that! How the hell did I forget to do that!?


Thought I had the information in one of my books, but no such luck. There are some references sited on ITIS if you search the scientific name. Maybe those might have something.
It's OK. I tried to find something, but I think i kept going in circles and ending up back where I started! I do recall the basic sizes in relation to other objects and such like, so that's not so bad.

Oh yeah, is it just the species I have to add dates and stuff, or for everything? If so then I reckon my paper might be swamped by dates! I've been trawling through classes, families etc.

Completely depends on how you're writing it and what you're writing about. For mine, I used was only looking at one genus so I just talked about the family, then the genus and then onto the species...I had to use the dates for each taxonomic level. If you're just using the scientific name, then I think you can just use the species reference. But could be wrong.
Well I should get it done hpefully by about 1-2pm today, so's I've got a week to correct it. I'm submitting it to a few people here, so I could put it in a new thread for folks to read and see what they think- only thing is it'll be pretty big like!!, or if you want me to send the word doc then I can do that also. If not then I'll have it done by first thing tomorrow. Don't take it on though, if you're realyl busy, as it's gonna be a fair size.

Would love to read it, only I'm bogged down with labs and my own thesis right now. Sorry. I'm sure it's great, but if you still want to send it along, go right ahead :biggrin2:
Yep no problem. Totally understand the whole No Time thing!!:cry: But I'm nearly done- I should get it done tonight... hopefully! And then I'll send it out to a few people.
I was gonna ask about getting it put up here, well the final draft anyway, so it might be on this site!

Wish I was that far along with my thesis (just on the stats part right now) But I think that's a good idea to get it posted. I'd like to read it,...just too much homework lately.

Well, good luck with it and let me know how it goes :biggrin2:
Will do! Definitely! Good luck wading through those stats! Hate statistics! Too much stats! :lol: Hope you get through them, I'm sure you'll do fine!

Well, just to say that its 10pm and that's the first draft finished! DOne and dusted! I just need to add the thanks and references, which I'll do tomorrow before dishing out the first draft to folks- that'll take all of half an hour!! Of course there's gonna be a few mistakes as my brain and eyes hurt now and i cant do anymore. It's only a first draft anyways! I'll probably look over it tomorrow. I'm tired now, so laters folks... speak to you all tomorrow...:bonk: :sleeping:


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