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Disposing of dead octopuses


Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
I know it's a bit early to be considering this, but I wanted how the carcasses of dead octopuses have ben dealt with. Flushed down the toilet? Buried?

Michael O'Shea
Hi Michael,
I guess others will have to reply to this, too, but I know at least some owners have buried their octopuses. Hopefully this won't be a problem for some time!

Yeah, this is creepy...

I have a lot of my passed-on cephalopod pets still in the freezer- three cuttlefish and over a dozen octopuses. If something did not die of senesence, it was immortalized in the afterlife in my morgue- awaiting pathology until the time as I'm able to undertake it.

For the record, I did cook and eat a large vulgaris I kept. It died of senesence. In ancient times eating your dead was considered the highest form of honor. :roll:

Cheers, Jimbo
Have nto yet buried a octo yet, but I have kept fish to large for flushing. They are now in my back yard.
In ancient times eating your dead was considered the highest form of honor.
Im pretty sure that this is still practiced in some countries today. That was how the first cases of "mad cow disease" were found in humans. It has somthing to do with eating certain parts of the brain.

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