Dispicable act of sickening cruelty!

Sep 25, 2004
Latelty I have been talking about a cove and I would like to share somthing about and see what u guys think.... Its a rather sad story actually, and frankly it pisses me off!
So me and my friend Evan rode down to the cove. And to get down to the cove u have to go down a short dirt path. When we got to the very end of the path with our bikes. Some rude family had set up their little camp right in the middle of it, so me and my friend had to manuver our bikes through there crap and little children. And they didnt even bother to help us! So me and my friend went snorkeleing. And cought a few fish for my aquarium. All of which were small enough to fit into a maynase jar. On our way out we discovered that the family had been fishing for octos. And cought about 5 or so and were still killing more! Further more they fust speared them and stuck them in a small bag in some dry sand in the buring hot sun together to die! :cry: I could see them trying to get out but they were to weak due to the fact that they had been speared and had been sitting on land for quite a while. And I asked the lady if she had octos in the bag just for the heck of it. And she was rude enough to go out of her way to say. " No those are squids! Octerpuss are the deep sea kind!" In a snotty know it all voice. AAARgggh!! I was sickened by her rudeness, inhumanity, and stupidity!
The whole time I was there I saw only 1 octo which I saved by making it flee from its home before those pigs came and speared it! And now I bareley ever see octos there! And there used to be loads! Last time I went I saw a very small one and the one I caught and that was all. (and I plan to return mine before mating season) What kind of impact has this slaughter of octos had on their population this place? Will there be enough to find each other and breed! ISNT HTERE SOME KIND OF FRIGGIN LAW TO STOP PEOPLE FROM DOING THAT!?!??! :x :cry: :evil:
I know what you mean, and the nerve of her to spread such bull without knowing a thing about it, Augh! I was in Mexico a while back and saw a man grabbing octopuses with a tube and prodding into holes and filling their dens with bleach, and stuffing them in a bag, he had three of them in there when I had had my fill, plus one of them had inked, so they were either choking on air or inky water, no remorse, no mercy, if it can't make a noise when it's in pain, it just doesn't matter to them, there has to be a humane way to go about that sort of thing, but people won't change, still the same stupid, panicky, lazy animals they've always been. And could you beleive the nerve of that woman!?
"The deep sea kind"? I verbally spewed out better stuff when I was an infant. *sigh*
I'm sorry you had such an unfortunate encounter. Spearing octos is one way people catch them to cook. Did it look like your unfriendly neighbor was going to take them home for dinner? This could be more acceptable than wanton killing.

What kind of beach area is your cove? If it's a park of some kind, there probably are laws about what can be taken from it. However, if it's illegal to kill the octos, it may also be illegal to take them home to your tank. If it's a fishing area, all this may be within the law.

Hmmm....lets see...drowning in boiling oil? No, to humane....hmmm...death from a million angry octopuses? Yes...I see promise....a fitting revenge. :twisted:
Do you live in an MLCD? If so, they could take a few, but they all had to be over 1 pound, and used for eating. As in EVERYTHING eaten. "Take only what you NEED." Also what district was this? In most areas spearfishing is illegal in coves. Sorry for the queswtions, but this has got me feakin, MAD! :x

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