Oct 10, 2004
I found this site through the Squid Cam, which is amazing, and after lurking for a bit, have... uh, decided to delurk.
I suppose it goes without saying that I love cephalopods, but beyond staring the chambered nautiluses (nautili?) at the zoo, and the arm of one hiding octopus at an aquarum when I was younger, I haven't had any experience with the real deal. I'd love to keep an octopus some day, but that's a long way off. I'm going to slowly work my way up from goldfish, and eventually try to maintain a normal community salt-water tank before even considering keeping one of the critters.
Hope you don't mind me poking around anyway and learning about keeping aquariums from the ground up.
Welcome to Tonmo ! May I say, you have picked the perfect way to get into ceph keeping...patience! Good call!
Hi Tod,

Welcome to! :welcome:

So you found us through the Squidcam - very good way to get here!

There is a lot to be said for starting with goldfish and working up to saltwater and getting some saltwater experience before getting an octo. It will make things easier for you.

So enjoy the site!

Thanks :smile:
I'm somewhat entranced by the thing. Little baby critters... so neat... Much, much more interesting than sea monkies, at any rate :wink:

I'll refrain from babbling about my little goldfish project, but I'm wondering if relivant artwork's good to post here (On approrpiate boards)
Welcome Squidlet!

The public forums are basically here to house discussion pertaining to cephalopods -- so if you have octopus/squid/cuttlefish/nautilus/ancient cephs artwork to post, please do so!

Otherwise, the private Supporter's forum is here for all off-topic discussions, but it requires a subscription for access.

Good luck with your project; I'm sure we can help!
Squidlet, we would love to see the artwork!! One of the greatest things about being a Tonmo member is viewing all of the pics from around the globe...Dr.SOS in a lab with a dead squid, Kat in a wetsuit, Colin's scenery, the travels of the Neil Diamond pic, or Archy's fossil well as tatoos, odd bits of poetry, and a lot of drawings...the more, the merrier!!!
Indeed, Greg!

Welcome Squidlet; glad you have 'decloaked' as the Romulans would say!


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