Deep Fried, Live!: Episode 8: Crab Trapped

Though a bit shorter than the rest it was pretty good, but I kinda get the feeling the makers might have run out of ideas :? But still, Nice work!!! :smile:
joel_ang said:
I kinda get the feeling the makers might have run out of ideas :?

I initially thought that when i saw the steak episode, but i warmed up to it... it was shorter, probably so they could get it out before the end of the year....

i only have one comment on Ep. 8....

Dungeness? Savages. :biggrin2:
Thanks, but I was wondering if you had them available for downlaod... From this website, I can only save as an HTML document.

Hmm... Let me contact a buddy. He's pretty websavvy, and he can see about finding the files for download. Thanks anyway!


Hey John,

I've actually got all the files zipped up on my hard drive somewhere, however, I think they prefer you go to them directly with such requests? They only give to Websites for showing only, not for retreiving... that's my understanding of it, anyway... Write to the guys there, they'll help you out!
i think i finally hit one the reason they put out a rushed episode.... so they could slouch for the next 3-4 weeks on comics/columns....

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