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Jul 23, 2006
So I have a 6month old 50g. and a 1.5year old 30g. cube. My octopus, as of right now, is in a critter keeper inside of the 50g. I am having some problems as to which tank to put him in. They each have pro's and con's. He is a small bimac. Here is the equipment list on the two of them:

The 50g. Tank:
- 50 lbs. of LR
- Koralia #1
- Maxi-Jet 900
- Lots of macroalgea
- 6 months old
- 80 degrees F.

As you can see, not much filtration but extra room and extra water.
The 30g. Cube:
- 1.5 years old
- 30lbs. of Liverock
- 5g. [of actual water] sump
- Fuge. run 24/7 [stable pH]
- Coralife Super Skimmer 65
- Mag 7 return
- Maxi Jet 600
- Phosban reactor
- 1/10 HP chiller [can get to about 68F without condensation]

So as you can see, the 30g. has much more filtration and can have a wet/dry if I add the bio balls. Think I should put him in the 30g which would have the proper temp and much more filtration/airation? or the larger/roomier 50g?
Thanks for your help!
Well, for now looks like your best bet is to bite it and go with the 30 gallon. Seriously though, you should upgrade your 50 for the long run. In a 30 gallon cube, after it grows, it will be like keeping a rottweiller in a 5x5 foot kennel all its life.

Any way to plumb them together, and use the 30 as a sump?
Any reason the chiller is on the 30? Like Animal Mother said, the octo will be fine in the 30 for a while, but you will want to move him to the 50 after a while. I would either buy a new chiller or transfer the one on your 30 to the 50. You could also get some computer fans to cool off the 50.

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