Damn & blast !

Apr 8, 2004
Yo peeps, just as I'm preparing to submit 1st cache of pics of ammonoids of France, my monitor blows up ! :frown:
This bulletin is courtesy of others equip.
will try again aftre trip to Hyper U (ipparoo)
Perhaps the images were so stunning, the monitor couldn't handle them? :biggrin2:
Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing those...sounds nice...
Bad luck Spartacus. You get your monitor fixed pronto, y'hear?
dagnabbit ! had to bite bullet & purchase new ordinateur complet :mrgreen: with XP in French.

2.7 ghz Intel Celery, 256 Mb DDR (commie) RAM, 80 gigawhatsit doodah , LCD flat as a flat thing monitor etc etc but waiting now for broadband to hook-up. Sorry for delay.

communication proper will also contain details of state of the art software package :idea: & for you gardeners out there, belemnite gravel !! - bet you can't wait !!

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