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Jul 31, 2003
Since I have purchased a 55 Gallon tank for an oscar (www.oscarfish.com) I have thought about cycling. I have been doing a fishless cycle (FC) and it just ended at 12 DAYS! 12 days was all it took thanks to fishless cycling. I really like FC because-

-No fish get hurt!

-Quick really quick!

-The bacteria produced frm it will be more than enough for an octopus and will adjust to it

I just really like fishless cycing and think of it as a great alternative to regular cycling!



Looks like the bacteria come from the gravel (or sand) you add from an established aquarium. This author also suggests adding plants from an established aquarium and their roots would also carry the bacteria.

that really depends what killed the first one.... you'd want to make sure you knew before getting a 2nd.

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