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Cycling question

Not really. Look at it as a positive thing - you're getting used to taking care of your tank, you're building up your supply of amphipods for your little octopus and creating a safe home for him.

Whatever you do, don't be swayed by products saying that they can "cycle the tank in ______________ weeks", etc. It is a bunch of hogwash. 3 months will go by so fast, and it will be a great time to start your octo tank.

binaryterror said:
Ok, thanks alot! What if for some reason, I dont get an pods? Is that bad?

Er...what? Oh, I get you...you mean amphipods ! They will hitchhike over on your live rock, no worries there.
Your little octopus will appreciate having such a convenient snack in the tank. They must be pretty tasty because my bimac hunted for them even after she had eaten every amphipod in the tank (and I had hundreds of them). I felt sorry for her and added some more.

And the small things in your tank can be fun to watch, too. I love putting in small flakes and watching the amphipods come out to find a flake and hurry back to their holes. Lots of activity!


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