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Cycling a new tank methods


May 8, 2003
Hi all! I have an odd question. What are the best critters tocycle a tank with. I'm from the old school of thought, and basically, what ever is hardy will do it. So I've been told, however this time is different. I want to cycle a tank with critters that I would like to use as food items. I.e., shrimp, amphipods, saltwater guppies etc... Any suggestions, or am I way off into the left field bleachers.In the past I've used chromis, damsels, and have even tries 'pure' amonia. They all seem to work, but I was never totally satisfied with the results. Thanks for any help!

I have had very, very good luck using Mollies and live rock...the mollies are easy to catch (unlike damsels) or can be left in to be disposed of by the ceph if you wish, and the live rock adds a lot of beauty to the whole enterprise.

Thanks, do mollies need the long acclimation time that guppies do? Assuming the pet store keeps them in fresh H20. I guess I deserve a dope slap. I had forgotten about the live rock too. A lot of travel, but that's no excuse.
Some stores will carry mollies already adapted to saltwater...you might want to call and check prior to making a trip ! If you have to do it yourself, yeah, do the really slow drip acclimation...mollies are much hardier than the guppies are, and you should see how much prettier a sailfin is in salt than in freshwater! wow!


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