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cycling 600 tanks at once!


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
here are a couple of pics i have meant to post for a while and never got round to it.

Some of you will probably remember that i was building a new set of tanks for a wholesaler over here and heres the results!!!

I built most of the tanks by myself and cycled more than 600 tanks and 33 ponds all at one time! I'm so glad that is behind me!

Holy Mackerel! It looks cold even inside in Scotland!!! :lol:

Nice job though...what are they going to breed or carry???
That's a lotta lines to keep an eye on!! We have a (much, much, much) smaller set up similar to that (the tanks not the pools!!) and we have an enormous amount of trouble with the lines clogging with algae. Do you have any probs with that?? The aquarium staff are the duty techs at the weekends for the lab and we can often be found with a piece of wire unclogging $#@#@ valves and @@%*#^@ lines!!! I imagine with such a large set up it would be more efficient just to replace lines????? Is that an open or a recirc system??

In awe!!!!

wow, a build up of questions! LOL

okay, to clarify, i worked on that project from august last year to may this year. basicly building tanks and setting up the gear to run them. I was also involved with the daily runnings of the place... ie catching fish...

So i was based between the old warehouse and teh new one that i showed the pics of.

The company imports fish from all over the world to the premises, acclimatises them and then sells them on to shops all over the UK, so that's why they were being cycled, to hold all the fish... the warehouse is pretty much twice as big as the old one. The new one opened offically in April 2003 and I went to work as a ranger in May.

There is no real problem with algae in the airlines as the lights are not directly above the tank, and twelve staff members are able to keep a close eye on things all day.

Every tank has its own individual sponge filter and is also part of a a much larger centralised fitration system on each row.

Each tank is either a 36x15x15, 48x15x15 or a 30x15x15 in inches

The flow rate is controlled by taps.

The warehouse is space heated to the mid 70s F so that's the warmest place in scotland to be LOL

The place stocks everything from goldfish to really bizarre fish..... so now you know where i get all of my L number plecs and the ray and stuff like that :smile:
Nope sorry....... all done except a few more tanks and another 2 big filters to do... what a way to spend my days off eh?
Colin thoes tanks look awsome!!

Like something out of resident evil,
They are so organized. I wish my LFS looked like that. What kind of bizzar fish are you holding? Great job Colin, Keep the pictures coming! :notworth:

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