Cuttlefish Update

Jul 10, 2010
So far so good. I ordered four cuttlefish fish about mid-July and the little guys are growing fast. Snowmaker sent four with a few eggs one died another hatched but died shortly after. So now I have three left and they are all thriving. I started them in a breeders net and have been feeding them live mysids. I also bought a bunch of amphipods shortly after recieving my hatchlings and created a pretty good population inside of my 55 gallon reef. I think I got a little over excited and released them about two weeks ago and have rarely seen them since.
So last night the power went out and all my fans and moonlights turn off and I flash my flashlight in there to see if I can find them sure enough I find all three perched in different areas of the tank on some live rock. They were all hunting and look really healthy and they are about as big as my thumbnail now about twice the size as the last time I saw them. Hopefully my natural population of mysids and pods will sustain them. I know it's going to be a real pain to ween onto frozens now.
Soon I will be ordering some feeders shrimp in hopes they will come out of hiding during the day more often. They are still really shy.
Time spent now training to take frozen will pay off immensely. You may have to huff on the frozen mysids w/ a turkey baster to get them to move and attract attention.

I gave 2 hatchlings to a guy who runs an aquaculture facility that cultures, among many other things, mysid shrimp. He said 2, 2 week old dwarf cuttlefish can eat 100 mysids in just a couple days. I will try to contact him and see if he'll post a log here.
I hardly see them unless its late night and everything is off including my moonlights. I sometimes drop a cube of frozen mysids in hopes that they will take a chomp at it, although the only movement the mysids are getting is from my power heads, i have yet to see them go after a the frozen food. They are still growing so they seem to be doing good from the pod population. Why do you think that the wild captured cuttles will usually immediately go after dead food and tank raised just go for live?
I have been purchasing the buy one get on free amphipod bags from and they populate the tank much better than mysids, and the cuttles have been doing well eating those, like i said in the first post i think i released them prematurely and now i'm not able to see them so i can train them on frozen food. I was thinking i'll wait until they become less shy and come out during the day time before i try to train them. All in all they seem to be doing very well with the pods.

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