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Cuttlefish Salinity?


Jun 1, 2005
Cycled my tank with fish for 6 months, and just ordered a cuttlefish. I have my salinity at 1.026, is this correct for cuttlefish? I've raised Octos for a few years and always kept my salinity high for them, just wondering if this is correct for Cuttlefish.

I ordered from Ocopets.com, not sure what they have as of yet, sure I will find out sooner or later.
Thanks for the reply, glad to hear I have the tank going good and solid. WIll keep ya posted!
I'd think it was much more awesome if I had a couple grand for a monster tank lying around! I'm really interested in getting some bandensis if the recent US supply is still around for a couple years, but bimacs are still my near future.

I really liking the idea of a BIG cuttlefish! After raising four bimacs and one Hapalochlaena lunulata (Which was QUITE scarey!) it will be nice to have something with some size to it.
As for the couple grand laying around to sponsor a bigger tank....Guess I should get back to work! I love home office!
im pretty sure octopets.com isnt selling banedensis yet so its prob oficiallis which do get big, and will actualy need a tank bigger then a 55 gal, they also need chillers generaly, ie 74-.
Keep the bad news comming, just good info to sell the wife on a bigger tank! (Shhhhhhhh)
I Ghetto rigged my tank right undeneith the AC vent, so has cool air on it 80% of the day, temp is around 72 -74-. Should be sufficent...ya think? If I have to I'll rig up a line to the refidgerator and put a small pump to get a few Gal a day going through there.
She will never know!
Your right! What is the growth rate for these? If I am correct, shuold have 3 months to set up and cycle a new tank with current water and substrate I have. I like this, time to get the little guy and tank going in a new setup with my ongoing tank.
Fortunetly, I'm able to do this, I welcome the info from all, and let's see what we can produce!
QUESTION: Build the "perfect" Cuttlefish tank! Let's do it!
I HAVE: 55 gal tank, 6month cycled.
Where do we go from there? I will send off info on H2O in the morning when I take it to ORMC and have it fully tested. Ask me what You want to know, This should befun! Up the Game!
it needs a sand bed about 1 inch deep, it will like live rock, but not too overly saturated, i would reccomend tonga branch, they naturaly live in gorgonia and sea fans, but will do just fine with macro algea, they do fine with corals, excluding anemones. they can be kept in breeding groups, can tolerate high lighting, what are your filter specs, lighting ect

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