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Cuttlefish info needed :D


Oct 21, 2007
Hello everyone, I am new to thid forum :biggrin2: . I have two tanks, one is a 29 gallon SW with a Mantis Shrimp, archeye hawkfish, nemo, and some corals. The other is a 150 gallon FOWLR with SW preds in it. I love all my fish but have recently really wanted a tank in my room but don't really want any other fish or reef tanks because I think what I have right now is enough. I have recently taking a huge liking to cuttlefish. I have watched numerous videos and read numerous articles about them and I have fallen in love :lol:

There are a few questions I have that i'm sure I have read in the articles but want to be 100% positive and know exactly what i'm getting into before I get started.

1- I am setting up a 90 gallon tank and was wondering what the largest cuddle I could put in the tank. I would LOVE to have an officinalis but they are likely too big, even to keep just one, right?

2- If I can only keep bandensis (which is still great) as the largest then could I keep two or three in a 90? Fish wise I have been pretty good at keeping fish that shouldn't get along together and they do (ie Queen Angel w/ Emp Angel, Mantis shrimp w/ other fish).

3- My biggest concern is the price of food. From the people that keep cuddles my question is, how much do you pay on average a week to feed these guys? What did you pay as babies, then as young adults and now as adults?

It is getting late so I forgot my other questions, I will add them later if thats cool. Any input/help would be great. Thanks for the time.


*EDIT* I would much prefer a cuttle but if it is "too expensive" even past the baby stage then would anyone suggest any great Octos for a 90 gallon?
1- I doubt S. Officinalis would be happy in a 90. S. Bandensis would be the way to go, IMO.

2- My guess is that you would be able to house ~5 Sepia Bandensis in a 90 gallon tank.

3- I wouldn't know how much a week for food, Cuttlegirl, Thales, or Paradox would probably be the best to answer that question. Feeding will likely be most expensive in the first few months of the cuttlefish's life.

The two best octos for a 90 would be a Bimac or Briareus, though there are lots that will do fine.
:welcome: to TONMO. I think Shippo's pretty much right on, but getting confirmation from other experienced cuttle keepers would be good. Cuttlegirl had 3 bandensis that outgrew her 30gal and were moved to a larger tank, IIRC, but I think it was still smaller than 90gal.
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