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Cuttlefish 100gal??? Help


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 30, 2004
I have a 100 gal acrylic tank 5 feet long with curved corners. Plus sump and protien skimmer etc.
I realy want a cephalopod preferably a cuttlefish. Just bacause of activity and I don't have to scape proof my tank.
The problem seems to be I can only find Sepia officinalis in the US.
Or does anyone know where to get Sepia bandensis I hear they are smaller.
I was wondering if my tank is to small even with a cooler temp.
I realy would like to breed I have many smaller tanks to rear young and a LFS to sale at.
That or a try and catch a local pacific giant octopus and see if he will adapt to room temp. and all that other work. (live in Washington state and avid scuba diver)
If your up for a trip you can go to the SF Bay area, a member (Righty) had some S. bandensis for sale, he may have a few left too.

You'll need a much larger tank for a GPO.

I can release the GPO when it gets to big. But I realy don't wan't an octo.
I realy wan't Cuttles, You think I can put 2 S. officinalis in a 100 gal long.
Can't I just eat them when they get to big.
I live by Puget Sound so I have an ever abundnt supply of tiny to large crabs.
They would outgrow a 100 gal within a few months because they are officinalis... just one of their drawbacks im afraid...

Most captive reared subjects dont taste so good, I remember a thread on another forum a few years back with recipes for Oscars and the like, but apparantly the meat isnt so good on aquarium reared animals...
Well I guess I will try for S. bandensis. About how many would you put in a 100 gal. long I want to breed.
I talked to my LFS the other day and he said that he can get some.
He said they come in as assorted cuttlefish and he is checking on the price for me. I am thinking that they might be S. bandensis coming from an importer. If the price is right I might be in luck.
That or GPO's
I would think you would have to keep them very well feed in order for them to not fight / kill one another, am I correct? Or do they get along alright as adults?
Well my LFS said he can get them in if I pre pay and they will $40 a pop.
Then he tells me I have to buy 6 and I am like what the hell for. Then he says they need groups and way because survival by numbers he says then gives me some wierd look. Didn't wan't me to shame him in front his other customer/friends. Because I do my research onlike some people.
My LFS owner is such a crack head he doesn't know jack about the fish he carries he spends to much tim DJing and not focusing on his store.
So I think I will order some and see how big they come in, I am pretty sure they will be S. Bandera something or other. :jester:
Cuttlefish are territorial and generally only come together during the mating season, You would have to feed them a fair bit to keep them from fighting but it still might happen.
They would need feeding around 4 times a day to stop them fighting, if not more. my officinalis are fed every half hour from 8am til 6pm and sometimes thats not enough...
Thanks for the referral, but I only have my brood stock left. Nothing for sale, but hopefully new movies soon.

Let us know if you place the order and how many survive. If you can, tell the LFS not to open the box the cuttles are in until you get then, then open it very slowly. Reports are fast exposure to light after being in dark freak the cuttles and they seem to die pretty fast after that.

After raising a bunch of bandensis, I think the ones that come into LFS really are pretty old based on size alone.

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