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Cuttle fish sale

I asume that the cuttles must not be selling very well and costing a small fortune to feed :wink:
Actually, their cuttles turn out to cost $58.99 (cuttle + box) without shipping. Also, I checked, and (for me- and I'm in Wisconsin, you're in New Jersey) with the shipping+box+cuttle (i.e. the whole anchallata), it's $85.75. I dunno about octopets for sure, but it looks about $70 to me. Soooooo....octopets is still cheaper.
Actaully octopets starts at $60 - then u have to add overnight shipping which they do not quote online - they say they will 'add it to your order later'. Fedex quotes $29 standard overnight shipping from the octopets contact zip code to my VA zip code. Add whatever 'handling' charge octopets attaches and I'm sure the price is competitive, if not more.

I did order a Sep O from petsupply.com this morning. They were supposed to receive an order of them today and send mine out to me, but they did not recive the order today - and dint hear from thier supplier (!?!?).

i bought one from them and theyre really good but they cant tell if its male or female i just ordered another one last night and its coming on tuesday :smile:
WoW!!! :shock:

Have fun!!! Post pics and be sure to tell us how it goes!!

good luck

might be better to keep a small group of them rather than just 2 though!

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