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cuttle eggs


Mar 22, 2006
at the LFS where i work, we got 15 cuttle eggs. that was on thursday and we have had about 8 hatch (non for sale, just expirementing) some of the eggs that were inflated and had a visible cuttle in them have begun to deflate. is this hatching or death?
thanks for your help
Are the cuttles in the eggs still moving? They may be in the process of hatching. Did the ones that hatched have their yolk sac still attached? Make sure you give the hatchlings plenty of space (they are cannibalistic...) and plenty of live food. Do you know what kind of cuttles they are? Good luck and :welcome:
we have the 8 seperated into 4 10 gals in a 240 gallon system. im pretty sure they are s. bandensis (i read the artical). they had yokes but are now eating pods and brine shrimp. i havn't seen movement in the eggs but there is a white mass where its body is.

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