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Cuttle Eggs came in...

Oct 2, 2009
I got the cuttle eggs this evening. One of them had already hatched in the bag when I got there so I dont think its going to fare to well.

All of the eggs are bigger than I would have expected... of course I dont really know what they are supposed to look like other than purpleish black.

The one that has hatched is about 1/4 inch. When I realized one had hatched I called Paul and placed an over night order for some mysid so they will be here Friday. I will then order more on Monday that can take the 2 day shipping if more hatch.

What should I do with the egg thats hatched? Do I leave it in there? Do I toss it?

Wish me luck because it has begun. :biggrin2:
Toss the leftover egg parts - they will just rot.
Sometimes newly hatched S. bandensis won't eat for up to a week (or more), or at least you won't see them eat. I usually don't even try to feed them for a couple of days. How fun!
Heres a question... the eggs are still really purple, not whiteish to where I can see the cuttles in them... That does mean that this little one thats hatched was premature yes? I am just wanting to be prepared for whats coming.
Hard to tell. Does the hatched one still have a yolk sac? They can also hatch over a couple of weeks and shipping seems to often encourages some to hatch.
Do dwarf cuttles have any kind of blueish dots or markings? I didnt think so, but I am hoping now.

And thank you for the congrats... it really was just pure dumb luck that I was able to get them... If anyone wants to special order them the LFS that I got them from will find out Monday morning (they open at 10) if they will be able to. He thinks they should be able to get them in and they are willing to ship but they wont know whats coming in until Monday morning.

Store name-Fish Gallery-Phone number 713-524-0173 Houston Texas
They were 9$ for 1-4 and 7.5 for 5 or more... I dont know if there is more of a discount when you order more, and they wont know about the discount until they start to place the order.


I guess I should have started this in the journals...
The one that hatched is doing well so far. I think I lost one of the eggs. It looks rather deflated but I am not sure yet. Maybe it hatched and I just cant find it.

Does anyone know if dwarf cuttles have blue dots or markings that glow when they get annoyed?
How was everything all day with the eggs? Did anymore hatch? You will have to keep me posted. On of my LFS is having a new years eve sale tomorrow and i am going. I went to scout out some things today to get. 50% off all fish and 25% off on all corals and inverts. Is there any possiblilty of keeping Cuttlefish with any other fish, without them eating them? Or visa versa till they get big enough for the fish to not bother them. Or am i best of leaving the fish out of the equation? I am just curious? Fish are not a "MUST" for me with this set up, i was just wondering if it could be done. I got to thinking and maybe larger fish, that are docile like tangs and stuff that wont bother the cuttles? But i dont want two or three large fish in the tank. I always like my fish to be bought smaller or medium sized.

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