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Cuttle Egg update


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 6, 2006
I was thinking that we needed a thread updating the list of the progress of Cuttlegirls eggs as they progress. I am the MN recipient and here is my day 1 update

The eggs arrived yesterday at about 1:30pm. The bags felt a little cold and I rushed them home. Their starting water temp out of the bag was 62 degrees. I did a slow acclimatization and got them in the tank in the net breeder in about 3 hours. They still look great and I think with a flashlight I can see and embryo. I am hoping that the cold temps didn't hurt them, though cold is certainly better than too hot. I have had good luck with sps corals that got a little cold by doing a slow acclimatization. Once I get my computer at home working again I will post some pictures
Still no new progress. How do I know if they are OK. They are still basically black I do think I can see something inside but just barely since the eggs are so dark. How long should they take to hatch?
They all hatched yesterday. They look really great, I can't believe that they can change color already. I gave them some mysis and they appear to be eating. I will know more when I get home from work today.
so far so good. They are all still alive and I swear they are growing each time I look at them. It is very hard to take pictures since they are in a net breeder. The net blurs the image. Maybe when I move them next I can put them in a glass container.
Thats great i just recieved mine from cuttlegirl today.i have few weeks to go im sure before they hatch so they are eating?What are you feeding them?Thanks on the update
I am feeding live mysids and supplementing with tigger pods. They are still doing great. All alive. If I have time today I will move them into a plastic container and take some pictures. Hopefully it won't bother them too much.
It was kind of funny that before they hatched I looked in and saw the eggs were all deflated and I figured they had died in the egg. I was just getting ready to scoop out the eggs when I saw they had actually hatched. This happened to me a couple of time hatching bird eggs just when I figure all hope is lost they hatch. Can't wait for them to get bigger so they are easier to see. I get eyestrain looking at them too long:smile:
Thats great to hear im glad they are doing so good do you see them eat?How many do you have i got 5 eggs from cuttlegirl and about 4-5 weeks till they hatch.Cant wait to see the pictures but dont move them if its going to hurt them in any way for pictures.

LOL at the straining of the eyes to watch them :lol:

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