Cute Octo Puppet

I've got one that I call 'Asterisk'. They are good fun and strangely photogenic too. Check out the 'Cephalopod Chronicles' in the humor links section.
I've got two of these - Otto and Lenya von Bruno - that I've had for close to 15 years. The construction quality is pretty good on these octo puppets.
I recognize him - that's Bill the Octopus who's sitting here by my laptop!
Bill, under another name, was the octopus who went mountain climbing and had other adventures.

You guys are a bad influence........Had to.... Couldn't resist after all the great comments.......And you should see this sellers other puppets. Found a Seahorse but this I AM resisting....
Hey there! Very cool to see yet another relative of The Octopus out there: The Octopus. We ought to have an octopus convention at some point and get all these critters together in one place!

I can say that after 10 years and tens of thousands of miles, this little guy just keeps on ticking. If there's a more durable toy out there, I'd like to see it!
How cool is this???? Note we are even linked!!!! Gives me thoughts...Too bad we couldn't start our own little adventure by mailing him to all our members for a visit!!! I'd be game and willing to let mine loose!!! And where would his first visit be???I personally think our fearless leader!!! We could submit photos of each member who he visits and start a thread of his adventures!!!!

What do you all think???
I happen to think that is a marvelous idea !!! You have to love the series of photos that would generate!!!!!!

I think it would be fun. You don't even have to mail The Octopus to me, since I have one! Maybe I'll take him to Galveston the next time.

I think he should be sent to our friends outside the US, too.


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