there are a number of things that create a cult following for Cthulhu....H.P. Lovecraft references Cthulhu in some of his literature....there's also video games and the like....if you're truly interested, wikipedia has a pretty lengthy set of articles about it all. :o)

Cthulhu - Wikipedia
As Erich so kindly put it:
"Not all people into Cephs are into Cthulhu, but all people into Cthulhu are into Cephs."

Don't get me wrong...my mom was quite hot in her day and age...but I doubt Rebecca would let Erich time travel.

Ia Fhtagn, and all that jazz.

Cthulhu's actually a nice chap, once you get over the trans-dimensional essence barrier. Provided he notices you. Knows a lot of good jokes, but a lot of them were over my head, admittedly, being mortal and all... Oh but the stories! He could talk for Leng!

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