Cthonic New York?

I can only plead drug-induced not-paying-attention to the postings! Thanks for that link, I don't even remember replying to it.
(note to parents: those drugs were prescribed by my doctor)

It would be great to see a really great HPL story come into the mainstream...one of you will have to give me a spoiler when it comes out, I still can't sit for too long. Hmmm, I might stand in the aisles for Cthulhu, though. LOL.
Well, I like the director's work, and I was intrigued by the Blair Witch Project (could have done without the repetitive use of the f word though), so the same sort of concept could be fun.
I loved the tentacles coming from the broken lens (moon) down to the earth in the first movie...can't wait for the second.
I missed what happened to your back! I remember you saying that you were giving up construction jobs after you started doing the internet reporting thing and then saw a reference to you not working. What did you do?