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Crab Shells


O. vulgaris
Jul 9, 2006
Crab shells are bad for water right? Well how do I get rid of them!? They are scattered EVERYWHERE around the tank. Just last night the octo ate two while I was asleep. God knows how many he has eaten total. He even ate the babies! And it doesnt help that the scavangers drag them under rocks and in hard to get places. Any ideas on how to get this crap out?
Well, as long as they are empty and cleaned out, I don't see why you couldn't just leave them. It's the decaying matter that is bad for the tank, not the empty shells themselves.
You need to take some plastic tongs or other instrument and get them out one by one. Now some octos are very helpful and put the crab shells in a pile. My bimac at times helped me round up shells and uneaten food - but it sounds like you're on your own!

I'd remove the crab shells because octos are messy eaters and don't usually clean out everything (and there are some exceptions!). This will harm your water quality.

lol At first my octo spat them out in the corner of the tank. But I guess he realized that wasnt doing anything and gave up. I had my chance...