Cozumel pics


Blue Ring
Jan 4, 2003
Just got back from a week's diving in Cozumel. On my very first (daytime) dive, the first thing I saw was an O. briarus sitting in its cave watching us. Saw a lot of them on our night dives. A couple of very small squid which I failed to photograph, and a group of three larger squid which I did.

I wanted to try interacting with one of the octos, but wasn't wearing gloves, and didn't know how likely it was to bite. Any hints on this for future dive trips?



Those are some great pictures, Mark, especially Octopus-2 and -4. I am so envious.

I really need to learn to do the diving thing...

It's an Olympus C-5050 (their high-end consumer digital camera) in an Olympus housing. No external strobe, just the one built-in to the camera. I'm very happy with the setup, though I'll probably get an external strobe before my next dive trip.

Olympus doesn't sell their underwater housings in the North American market, so to get one here you have to find a photography store that imports them from Japan, and it won't have any warranty or factory support. But the housing is affordable and works great.

how much did you have to spend on the camera and the housing, if you dont mind my asking?

I have a low-end olympus digital which is a couple years old now and i'm thinking about upgrading to something real nice.
The camera is widely available. MSRP is now $699, and it's generally not discounted very much. I got the PT-015 underwater housing from Marine Camera - marinecamera Resources and Information. for $200.

The one other thing I should mention is that I generally adjust the color balance in Photoshop on the computer, to take off some of the blue, boost the reds a little, and increase the contrast. My intent isn't to make the pictures more colorful, but to have them look more the way they seemed to me underwater, rather than the washed-out blue look you get from any pic that's more than 20 feet underwater or 4 feet from the camera.

You can check out the rest of the pictures from this dive trip at

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