I live in that bright red county...


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@tonmo, maybe the Phillies won't get a shot (again :wink: ) at the pennant this year but their uniforms may server a higher purpose
Is there a limited space or time limit for signing up for the TONMO event?-the reason I ask is due to the COVID-19 I am currently unemployed and placed on 'standby'. Due to this financing might be bit tricky for me until things get back to normal.
I was really hoping to make it this year but so far a lot of difficult challenges have come up.
Hi @KD5054 - sorry to hear, and good luck. I'm sending out a Newsletter in a bit on this topic, but basically, as of today, there is no change to the event - I'm going to re-assess in May (if MBL doesn't re-assess it for me first!)
Had to happen, right? One of my best friends made this and I suggested that she put some on her Etsy shop. She has a couple of octopus patterns, check her out if you want one. If what she has made up are not the colors you want, send her a note. Here is a different design.


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New meanings about the saying, "Friends with benefits". I actually bought this one from her Etsy store. She was perturbed that I "bought" it and made me another "Tesla" mask that also matches my car.
Please see this thread for an important update on our cephalopod conference:
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