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May 30, 2000
So far, no impacts to TONMOCON VIII at MBL in Woods Hole, MA in October. I don't expect there to be; we are full steam ahead!

Meanwhile, out of curiosity, checking in with the community:

A) Have you tested? (if so, result?)
B) Do you know anyone who has tested (if so, result?)
C) How has this directly impacted you?

Personally, I'm no for A and B. For C, we've got the kids coming home from college (online classes only at least through March). Also, my wife is a pre-K teacher but in our county they have closed all schools of all kinds, so she's also home for at least a couple of weeks.
A and B No.

Son was in the process of being hired (by the firm he where he is working as a contractor) when lack of business caused 400 contractors to be laid off. So far he is still in the hiring process and his division is still making money so fingers crossed. One grand son out of school. Daughter-in-law working from home -- they locked down her building. The one death in GA was in their county. A worker at my grandson's school tested positive so this county was the first to close schools.

UPDATE 3/23 Son's hire date was pushed months into the future and all contractors (including him) were let go.

My Dad is in his early nineties and not in the best of health so we are encouraging him to stay at home. Neal and I are in the high risk category so we are sheltering in place. All three of us are getting cabin fever even though our daily routines have not really changed much.
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Yeah, I hear you on all that. Good luck to your son!

Our governor in PA (Wolf) called our county "the epicenter of the state" - we do have 34 cases in the county as of yesterday; I think the next closest county is at 10. As a result, we've been on the front end of steep measures, like having all the schools closed, etc. I think the rest of the state may have caught up by now (stores closed, etc.), but I'm not sure. It's actually nice to have everyone home, but it's also quite surreal. I'm cooking a lot! 🍕
It’s pretty quiet here in the Dallas area. The schools were closed early and all restaurants have been closed except for take out or delivery. Many stores have closed, too, But when you go out, it seems like a normal spring - people are everywhere.

The big change is the shortages in the grocery stores and people hoarding, especially toilet paper. Hope this eases up soon.

Bill and I are also in the high risk category, so we’re mostly staying home. I’m cooking a lot, but I do normally anyway.

Our daughter's university has now gone to all online courses for the rest of the semester, and she graduates in May! Certainly no traditional ceremony... strange times. At some point we'll have to go to her apartment there to get the rest of her stuff... Our son's university, as of now, resumes on 3/30 but I expect that will change.
Our county now has several cases (no deaths). We went to Sam's today to get a few groceries (had a freezer with plenty of meat but not much else in the frig). Our son called while we were out and fussed at us. At the time, we did not know of any cases near us and felt relatively safe getting some fresh food before we started having cases but learned in the parking lot that it has arrived.

Neal will smoke a turkey on Sat and we will take it to my dad's on Sun (our normal day to visit and eat out together). Last Sunday we stopped and got take out so we are not interacting closely with others but still leave the house.

My homeowners association has postponed indefinitely our annual community Chili cook off. We will hold our regular monthly board meeting but will allow homeowners to participate on-line or by phone only. Board members will space themselves 6' apart.
That all makes sense. And yeah, we need to get our groceries! Just need to do all the normal hand washing and opening doors with elbows, remove clothes when you get home, and whatnot. Inconvenient but less inconvenient than getting it... As expected, our son's university has called off the semester, everyone must get all their stuff and campus must be emptied by end of day Monday.
Nope for A and B.

C: I'm an octopus researcher so my fieldwork and research plans are definitely affected:frown: Also, I was looking forward to TONMOCON in October but it seems risky to be booking any flights at this point of time D':
I hear you - the longer this goes on, the more risk to the event, for sure. Stay home and stay safe, everyone! I'm still a no for A & B.
Both of my girls are completely moved home from campus, and in the swing of online university. John is an engineer, and able to work from home. However, he is also in charge of the Internet and all the computer systems at work – so he is frequently running back to the office to fix things or get someone at home hooked back up into the network.

The governor of Michigan put a “shelter in place“ order on Monday, but we had pretty much already been doing that. I live in one of the largest counties of Michigan, Wayne, we have 417 cases with nine deaths. The assumption is that the Detroit area is going to be hit very hard due to the poverty that already existed.

As an after school teacher, I have been off work for two weeks- and will be for at least another two. Thankfully for all of us, John’s job is nowhere in jeopardy, and our finances are only lightly affected by the absence of my paycheck. Mostly no more “fun stuff” until I’m working again…. Good thing I got that new little octopus from KP aquatics two weeks ago! 🤣

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