Corneas and Hunting


Oct 13, 2004
Hello All!
Just doing some tooting around on the website and consequent other sites to answer some questions that popped up, and I thought I'd just ask you guys:
I found this file on the net about all these different prey species of Californian Market Squid (L. oplanescens) paralarva, but it also said that this species is a Myopsid squid, "that means that they have corneas over their eyes." Does this then effect the way the squid, including paralarva, sees and thus how it hunts? Like for us, carneas do the chief light bending and focussing, so if these squid and their paralarva can focus better, how does this effect their eatting habits? Also, how are other squid effected by not having corneas, like architeuthis and other squid species that are never mentioned on that website? persumably they dont have corneas?
And speaking of giant squids, how many species are there? I thought there was only A. dux, and no real others as they are waiting to clarify the difference between the specimens so far. However, I found one site that said there were EIGHT! and another said three! I was very surprised so I thought you guys could clear the mist. Thanks a lot!


PS: The website are as follows if ya wanna check them out!
Giant squid - Wikipedia (8 species)
Architeuthis dux (3 species)
Welcome aboard! :welcome:

Darn it, there was a great thread about octopus eyes, but I can't seem to find it! Please feel free to add to that one if you will.

If you want to know about giant squid, ask our resident bigwigs Steve O and Kat.

I'll post more later when I'm not at work goofing off...

Sushi and Sake,

Êîìàíäà ïîæàëóéñòà ïîìîãèòå!

ß áû õîòåë êóïèòü ðåêëàìó íà ïðÿìî â ðàçäåëå ýòîò êàê ýòî ñäåëàòü??? Íå ìîãó íèãäå íàéòè :frown:
Rixawaway;126346 said:
ß áû õîòåë êóïèòü ðåêëàìó íà ïðÿìî â ðàçäåëå ýòîò êàê ýòî ñäåëàòü??? Íå ìîãó íèãäå íàéòè :frown:

Can anyone understand this (i.e., anyone have language drivers that translates this to something meaningful)? This does not appear to be spam -- the link is genuinely to -- feels like someone may be trying to ask something about the site.

Reminds me of the old Far Side cartoon:


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