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Pygmy Octopus
Sep 23, 2006
My dads used to be biologist of some sort and has worked at a few aquariums along with having a tank or two always set-up around the house. I threw the idea out to my dad about getting a ocotpus and he agreed a while ago. Ive got the tank pretty much set except for the stuff thats going to be in the water. My dad insisted that i go up to the attic and see if there was some stuff i could find to put in. Hes got about 5 boxes of different types of coral which leads up to my question. Since the corals dead and hard, would it be alright to be in a tank with an octopus? I would like to know if it can cut them or they dont like it. I am kind of hesistant but he has taken are of all types of fish so I trust him but i wanted to get Tonmos opinion first. Thanks. (can get pics)
Well, if the coral can cut your skin, it will cut an octopus's skin too...but most dead corals are fine to use in the tank with one. You would probably want to make sure that they are clean of dust, etc, by soaking them in water for a day or so prior to putting them into your tank.

Thanks for the answer. Yea, im going to soak them and clean them. I'm also gonna try to get some liverock from my local store if I can.

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