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Converting from coral reef tank to octopus tank

Hi, and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

That's an interesting question! What do you have in your coral reef aquarium (or plan to have) and how big is the tank?

You need to avoid anything that would sting an octopus.

Most coral reef aquariums that I've seen don't allow space for octo dens, but that would be easy to correct by moving a few rocks around.

I have an corner aquarium, 545liters, Today I use 4 maxijet for sirkulation but i`m here going to use one external pump with 2 nossles as the only parts in tank. I use an ATK-Junior skimmer in the sump driven by an Eheim 1060 pump. Lightning are set up for corals so there I`ve got an arcadia 250w/12500k HQI lamp and also 4 marine blue fluorescent lamps. My tank is set up in my livingroom so estetics is something i have to have in mind (My wife :wink: ). Today I don`t have to many corals yet, cause my tank has not been ready for introduction of corals before now (I`ve just moved into new house). There`s an couple of sacrophytons, 2 helifungias, 1 hammercoral (ooops this could probably sting) and some other small stuff...

Most coral reef aquariums that I've seen don't allow space for octo dens, but that would be easy to correct by moving a few rocks around.

How much space must i make? An big cave or is the room betveen my live rocs now enough?
Yes they do, they have nocturnal sweeper tentacles that will sting nearby corals and possibly octo skin

Nessen, the small octopus to begin with will live in holes in the live rock but once it gets a bit bigger they have been known to try their arms at DIY. They may reaarange the rocks and anything on the rocks to whereever they want it. As they grow you may need to remove some rocks to make space.

sounds like a fun project
Posted U will be, heh, I will probably get alot of questions even thou i read alot.
Is there any thoughts about what kind of octo i should try to keep in this tank?
I experienced what Colin mentioned - my octopus rearranged the rocks in her tank - several times! It was amazing what large rocks she could move.

As to your octo question, what kinds of octopuses are available in Norway?

Well, rearranging of stones may become an problem with an coral reef tank, but why not try :smile: and learn the hard way.
Another problem that might occure will be to keep water levels suited for corals, that is if octoes leave as much waste to water as I`we read in articles about them (I`m guessing).
I`m still not sure what kind of speisies I can get hold on from my dealer, there has now not been to many shipments lately sinse the earthquace disaster occured. Thats the area where most of our supplyers are located. But also there is not actually common to have octoes in home aquarium here in Norway so I dont think I get to choose amoung a lot of diffrent octoes :sad: I`m still waiting for my dealer to get back to me.

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