classroom octo


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 31, 2004
it has been 2 months with alcatraz i see his arms hanging out of holes periodically. I have been feeding him shrimp and baby clams there are tons of empty shells. but we have not had a full body view for some time is this how it goes.

and how do you upload a picture? :confused:
Is he one of the tank raised bimacs? Don't remember where or what he is!!! As far as a pic go to the manage attachments on the bottom and it will open a window to browse for you pic file. Only problem is you need to resize to 510 or it will give you an error message, file too large. Looking forward to the pics!!!

Note: last night I resized the max file width to 800 px. I know it will mess up how the forum looks, but hopefully it will make everyone's lives easier when contributing content to the site. :cool2:
These little octopuses are shipped out quite young and stay in the "baby hiding stage" for some time. Maybe you can lure him out with food on a feeding stick. Most likely he is watching you a lot.

Alcatraz pics

Here are some pics from his first 2 weeks in the tank.


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The baby hiding stage is different depending on the individual baby bimac. If you see an occasional arm or have a sighting and food is disappearing, then you know it's OK.

There are other reasons a young octo might stay hidden: the lights are too bright (I use a 30 watt bulb) or there is too much activity around the tank, which might scare the little octo.

Life is so unfair, my teacher in biology says that keeping cephs having nothing to do with science!
By the way, how long did you have the bimac now? ANd what are you feeding it?
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