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chillers for bimacs?

Aug 9, 2006
I live in massachusetts nad my room temp stays at 62 degrees during the winter and about 73 during the summer. Would I need to invest in a chiller during the summer months?

How do you guys keep your bimac tanks between 65-72?
Mar 23, 2005
Have you read all the octopus care articles? I don't actually have an octo, but because of the heat wave there has been a lot of discussion about keeping the tank cool. You can also go back and check old threads and you'll find other posts with the same questions and answers from experienced ceph keepers.
Jan 4, 2006
kingsnar said:
Yes, I have read all the articles. Theyre a great source. How do you go back and check old threads regarding temperature?

If you click here you can search using alot of different parameters. I would try:
bimac temp
bimac care
water temp

Search is only available in the forum section. You can also just look in the Octopus care forum using the advanced features.


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Apr 20, 2005
I have an octopus and have never needed a chiller until a few weeks ago but I simply use ice, a fan and if it gets to hot I keep the lights off. You should be fine the only problems I have been having are with my 90g it was about 87. :frown: but that tank has nothing in it. maybe looking into getting a biareus octopus (they can take a bit warmer temps.)

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