Jul 22, 2005
Hello Everyone,
I am a new member living in South Florida, and a grad student at Florida Atlantic University. After months of waiting, our new baby named Charmin (squeezably soft) arrived last night, and he is doing a magnificent rock imitation in his new environment this morning.j
I fell in love with cephs as a bio major a couple of years ago, and I have been planning this acquisition for what seems like forever. Last night I dreamt only of octopi hoping he'd still be in his tank in the morning even after taking every precaution to keep him there.
This is a terrific website, and I look forward to spending many happy hours here.
Mary Ann
Well, welcome to Tonmo, Mary Ann !!! If you get a chance, pics are always loved by one and all on this site !

Hi Greg,
I planned on taking pictures but I'm just waiting until he settles in. I thought the flash might scare him. I have a passion for photography so I am hoping he will be a cooperative subject.
Mary Ann flash is the best. are you shooting digital or film? I've had fairly good luck with just ambient lighting, so has Carol...look forward to seeing a relaxed octo in the future !

Hi Mary Ann,

Welcome to you and Charmin! Do you know what species Charmin is? I'd like to add him to our list of Tonmo ocotopuses, which is found at the top of the Journals and Photos forum!

Looking forward to your pics of Charmin and reports of his growth and activities - you can post these in that same forum.

Hi Nancy,
I am trying to identify him but I was only told he is from Bali. He is about 11 inches long and looks like he has two little extensions above his eyes. He reminds of an Egyptian Horn Viper with the extended scales above the eyes.
Can you tell me where to research the Bali species?
Thank you,
Mary Ann
Hi Greg,
I switched over to digital and use the Canon Rebel. The light in the living room is not bright at all since it is on the west side of the house. I'll try using a tripod and slower speed to compensate for the lack of light.
What type of octopus do you keep?
Mary Ann
ooohhh...I am jealous !!! Love those dig rebels !!! currently, no octos in the house...broke down the tank, and likely won't restart until we move again in the spring....on the bright side, the larger house may have room for a 240....cuttles ??? hmmm....:smile:
I added Charmin to the list of our octopuses, and for species I had to put "Bali octopus". That's not really a species, just a name. I've heard of "Bali octopuses" being sold here in Dallas but have never actually seen one. Whatever they are, they seem to work out well as pets.

:welcome: to you and to Charmin! I find everytime I use a flash Gimp goes off and sulks, so very rarely do I use it. This way he is not afraid when he see's the camera coming!

Enjoy the site and looking forward to pics!

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