Cephalopod session at AMS meeting this summer


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Dec 31, 2003
We want to attract the most diverse crowd possible! Its' cheaper and closer than CIAC next year!

JUNE 29 – JULY 3, 2008
“New tools, techniques and discoveries in cephalopod biology”
We know you have a number of conferences to choose from in 2008, but we hope you
will consider attending the American Malacological Society meeting in Carbondale,
Illinois. We would like to have a special session of presentations on recent advances in
cephalopod biology, and we hope this will be an opportunity for cephalopod researchers
(especially those new to the field) to make connections with other cephalopod biologists,
both new and established.
We are offering a broad theme to this session so that we may attract a diverse crowd of
researchers. Cephalopod biologists of all types are invited to present their research on
evolution, ecology, behavior, physiology, biomechanics, or any other aspect of
cephalopod biology. Show off your innovative techniques and/or new, challenging ideas.
Is your new phylogeny controversial? Bring it. Have you developed a new way to test
deep-sea cephalopod behavior in situ? We can’t wait to see it. Do your respirometry
data fly in the face of what came before you? Let’s try to understand why. We welcome
a creative and integrative crowd, open to discussing where the field has been and where
it’s going. This is a rare chance for cephalopod researchers across a number of
disciplines to meet and perhaps strike up conversations that seed future grant proposals,
field collaborations and papers. The more cephalopod biologists who attend, the stronger
and more diverse the session will be—we are counting on your participation!
You can find information about the AMS meeting, including registration forms (due to be
posted online in January) at American Malacological Society. Simply
submit your cephalopod talk abstract and we will slot you into the special session.
Come away from the coast for a week next summer to meet your cephalopod-loving
peers and present your research!
Christine Huffard, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Elizabeth Shea, Delaware Museum of Natural History
Frank (Andy) Anderson, Southern Illinois University
I just wanted to point out that this meeting is open to scientists and non-scientists alike. Although daily talks will be scientific, the evenings and breaks will be a great time for everyone to mingle. No matter what your involvement with cephalopods, we all have something to share and learn.
Salukis aren't cephs.... oh well....

didnt see the schedule on that site.... anywhere that might tell us when the ceph-centric content might be?

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