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Feb 15, 2003
occasionally, if im the only one sitting in the chatroom, i start coming up with haikus....(dont ask why) anyway, i found a file on my computer with several that i did one day... i figured id post them before deleting the file...

aquatic missle
going up, down, to and fro
evading o'shea

suffer from ennui?
write cephalopod haikus
in this here chatroom

Kraken with Razors
Evil Cuissanart for Fish
Messie comes for thee

what is wrong with you?
stop writing those darn verses!
talk about octos

he is still waiting
in r'lyeh with his minions
all hail cthulhu

abbra cadabra
the uprooted tree appears
wait, it was a dream

have another cold one
architeuthis will show up
and pink elephants

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
Poor Steve...he does catch a lot of flack!
I think that those are great!
WK, did you catch the poem by the kid in Hawaii that was on Tonmo last year? It was called "octopus"...one of my favorites! Hey Tony, is that in the archives somewhere?????
i dont remember it, but ill go back and check....i have a haiku in there as well... i think 2001, but im not sure....
oh no, not again
steve holding us in suspense
enough already :smile:

new discoveries
steve get your three dots ready
to give clem a stroke

sorry for the low quality, they were quickies...
cthulhu77 said:
Poor Steve...he does catch a lot of flack!

..... and the more flack that he catches the more flack that is flacked at him. He feels totally flacked sometimes :roll:

All I can say is :meso: and :squid: 'look out'; there's squid on the horizon
tis an acronym
but lacking the letter 'c'
go ask tintenfisch

sorry, im on a quasi-roll

no harm intended
to the great squid hunter steve
all apologies

None taken, not to worry - but this acronym business has me scratching a bald spot :goofysca:
sorry about that...flak is a german acronym from wwii.... (hence the ask kat line)

uhhh lets see: Fl(ieger) a(bwehr) k(anone)

i stand somewhat corrected, id never seen it before but the dictionary has an alternate spelling with a 'c' in it.... well shoot...

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