Ceph items and jewelry collection...

Apr 7, 2004

I am a TonMo Supporter, but new to the forums. I started chatting with a number of people in the introduction section about where to list all the octopus furniture, jewelry, and art that I have been collecting and finding sources for.

I love these pieces as they remind me and others of what I tend to be all about. If any one is curious, I'll also try to start listing where I found them and who sells these pieces.

Some of these I have already listed in my first thread, but they were so well received that I want everyone to see them.

As you can see they are two sets of octo-based drawer handles and the third piece is a small chest-of-drawers.

Let me know what you think.


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More items...

Here are some others.

The frame is available from the Tokyo Disney as part of their 20,000 Leagues set up.

The Lamp is a little accent piece that is great for a desk.

Finally, the barrette is something that I had to get for a female friend to kind of brand territory as everyone knows I am the 'octopus guy'.


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Here are a few more...

One is a small table/stool.
The second is simply a light switch plate.
Finally, this is a gate that I found online from Sparks Steel Art Gallery.


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New items...

These have their own thread, but I decided to list them here as well in case anyone still follows this.

The first is the new bad guy from Pirates of the Carribean 2. He is a half-ceph captain of the cursed Flying Dutchman, Davey Jones. Yes it mixes two nautical folklores, but it works.

The second is an antique sewing tape measure. It is heavy and wonderful and has a starfish on the other side. It is a little too expensive for me right now which breaks the heart. I am not a seamstress, I am just a guy who loves his ceph stuff.


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A fianl piece for this thread...

This first piece is a little odd, but I found a small heart-shaped box with an octopus on it. It has a pewter finish, and try as I might, I have no idea why these two symbols were combined.

The second piece I showed in a different thread is also supposedly a jewelry box like this first piece. It is much more elaborate and I love it. As a guy, I have just kept it as an odd ornament for my desk.

The third piece is some dining silver from Crystal Art USA and as can be seen has a great octopus on the tray.


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These are a combo of both mine and their pics.

Especially the tape measure. I didn't buy it as it was too expensive. The octopus lamp for example is also ther pic, but I bought the lamp. The lamp, by the way, has a twin up for sale right now on ebay. It is $24.99 with 5 days left on the auction. The last I looked, which was this morning, there were no bids.
Something I just got...

I just got 3 of these off ebay. It is a stamped out octopus from a piece of brass for brooches and that sort of thing. She is 2" high, 2.5" wide and has a hollow back. They cost only about $1.75 a piece and they are great for decorating little things to reflect one's Nemo like ceph-fascination.

As a guy who enjoys a nice cigar, I am looking for a nice, very blue humidor for my cigars that I can mount one of these babies on. I have commonly seen them in barrettes, so I may give my girlfriend one to do just that.

There are more for sale on ebay right now. Go to ebay and type in "octopus brooch" and you can buy as many as you need.


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I think the barrette is made from the same stamped octo you show below! I was looking carefully at each design and noticed the similarity.

Cool stuff! I love that foot [arm?]stool especially. Are you able to get to TONMOcon? I am bringing a large box-o-stuff to sell. See photos below. :vampyro:


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Newer ceph stuffology...

I have found even more pieces out there.

The first is a silver bowl and lid from a wedding site of all things.

The second is a unique pic I found on the web. It has to be a custom piece, but I am trying to find out.

The third is a table built by a man who makes larger designs and corporate pieces. The priece is probably astronomical, but I am too curious not to know.

Just for all you cool cats and kittens in the know, I try to make the name of the site into the pic name so I have a record of where I found it. Let me know and I may be able to hekp you track down something.


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A couple of others...

A couple more wild pieces,

This first one was a table and chair. The table is ok, but the chair actually is rather emotive.

The second giant wood sculpture is a totem of some sort, but seems to be able to be purchased.

Finally, the third carving is from a group that makes violins and guitars for all you ceph loving musicians.


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