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[Ceph Care Article]: DIY Skimmer


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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com member Lawfish has contributed detailed instructions on how to make a skimmer for your octopus tank. These do-it-yourself instructions are accompanied by close to 50 photos and diagrams!

This article contains all the information you need to make your own skimmer, including an section devoted to acrylic basics. Lawfish is standing by in the Tank Setup and Maintenance forum to field any questions or input. :smile:

DIY Skimmer

Great thanks to Lawfish for this generous contribution to the community.
Well, i think that is the best outline for a DIY skimmer i have seen on the net, well done!!! :smile:
Thanks Colin:

Thats high praise indeed. :rainbow: Let me know if you see any areas in the article that could be improved.

Thanks for the DIY protein skimmer plans. I plan on building one in the next week or so but, I have a couple questions. My current setup:
90 gal DS tank with 1 1/2 inch overflow drain pipe, 1 inch emergency drain and 1 inch return. 29 gal sump

1. Can this skimmer be plumbed straight out on my overflow instead of using a feed pump.
2. If I can plumb from my over flow would you recommend a recirculating pump?
3. What would you say this skimmer is rated for?

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